Phu Xuyen Clean Water Project

Connecting water pipes at Phu Xuyen.


Phu Xuyen Village
Loc Tien Commune
Phu Loc District
Thua Thein, Hue Province
Viet Nam


GCSF launched a project to purchase and install water pipes for poor, needy families that would allow them to connect their homes to the central, clean water system.


Alongside the Sisters of Phu Xuyen Convent, GCSF worked with the local community to determine quality of pipes, pipe connection location and destination of piping. After all decisions were approved by a technical supervisor, a plumber was hired for pipe installation. The installation was supervised by the Sisters and a technical supervisor who was hired to ensure quality of the service. The community expressed the need that the pipe should service bathrooms and kitchens and they agreed to pay for their own water use.


GCSF supplied and installed pipes to provide access to clean water to 52 poor local families in Phu Xuyen village.



  • 235 local people in Phu Xuyen village.