Paw Myar Primary School

Students in front of Paw Myar School.


Paw Myar village, Pont Mu tract, Inle Lake, Southern State, Myanmar


Paw Myar Village is an on-land village on Inle Lake with 70 households. Most villagers farm sugar cane and corn. There were 26 children attending primary school who had to travel to the neighboring village. Following an accident along the road to this neighboring school, the villagers and village committee agreed to build their own school in Paw Myar and used the village committee funds to hire two teachers for the village school. This original school was made out of bamboo, was not weather proof and was getting old.


With funding from Global Playgrounds, GCSF built a new school with a concrete foundation which gives protection from termites and with bricks to be more weather resistant. A two-room toilet was built outside of the school building. A water well and a solar system which provide enough energy for two computers were provided. The school is now open and children have started their school year. The village is now responsible for maintaining the school through its School Committee. In the past, the School Committee paid for the salaries for the two teachers but once the proper school was built, they have applied to have government teachers for their school.


  • On June 10, 2015, a small opening ceremony was held to celebrate the opening of Paw Myar School.
  • Twenty-five students started school on June 15, 2015. Two private teachers were hired by the School Committee and an application has been submitted for Government teachers for the next school year.



  • Twenty-five primary school students can now attend school in their village.


  • Families of the twenty-five students and villagers with young children in their families.