Ophthalmic Technician

Opthalmic technicians working on a patient.


Quang Tri, Viet Nam


GCSF has been involved in working with visually-impaired people in Quang Tri province since 2005, starting with supporting Dong Ha Blind Association. Since then, GCSF continues to support Vinh Linh Blind Association with their working facilities and job training. In 2010, GCSF became involved with helping educate children with disabilities through working with the Quang Tri Blind Association. GCSF funded the building of a new residential school for blind and visually impaired children. This remarkable building elevates the standard of blind education in central Viet Nam. Now overseen by the Department of Education, the residence has commenced operation as the Quang Tri Handicapped School Campus 2.

GCSF has funded a number of teacher training programs for the teachers who work at Quang Tri Handicapped School in Dong Ha with many successes.

Seeing the need of local community, especially with the support from our volunteer/donor, Dr. Ronald May, GCSF wishes to help with the early childhood eye screening in Quang Tri Province, an effective way to prevent blindness/visual impairment.


GCSF works with its partners at Quang Tri Medical School (QTMS) to build their technical capacity by providing funds to support the training of 3 teachers from QTMS (2 doctors and 1 nurse). These newly trained teachers will work with Hue Medical School Hospital to show their medical professionals new techniques in eye care. In addition to trainings, this project provides equipment and tools for QTMS lab and examination rooms.

To support their outreach program, GCSF funded training for 30 doctors from all commune health centers in Vinh Linh District. After the training, program implemented an eye screening mission for all primary school student. Those students identified as needing correctional lenses were provided eye glasses and those identified with larger eye and vision issues were referred to Eye Center (Quang Tri Social Disease Center) or QTMS clinic.


This program successfully increased capacity of the medical school by training three teachers who were then able to train other doctors. These trainings were amplified by new equipment that allowed for better and more eye screenings. The program to date has screened 5,000 students from all primary schools in Vinh Linh district and has distributed up to 500 pairs of glasses.



  • 3 teachers in QTMS
  • 30 doctors from all Commune Health Centers of Vinh Linh Districts
  • 5,000 primary school students in Vinh Linh Districts


  • Quang Tri Medical schools and their future students
  • Commune Health Center doctors and students from other districts in Quang Tri province.