Mya Thien Tan Preschool

Mya Thien Tan Preschool students and teachers.


Mya Thien Tan Village, Southern Shan State, Myanmar


Through the help of our partners at City Mart Supermarket, the Clapp Family and the Inle Princess Resort, GCSF helped successfully build and equip a preschool in Mya Thein Village. The school children from approximately 150 families overseen by two teachers, one general work and one night guard. GCSF has been instrumental in refurbishment of the preschool, digging a water tube well, installing 100 feet of new fencing, and providing nutritious meals for the children.


This project fulfills GCSF’s mission for inclusive education by not only providing a structure where young children can learn, but funds 50% of the salary for the two teachers and one staff person. Tying into our dual focus on health, GCSF ensures nutritious meals are provided for all children.


The school now educates nearly 40 children and provides nutritional lunch to all of them. The school is equipped with education support such as DVD players, musical instruments and fixtures such as pillows, blankets and mode to get water.



  • 30 to 40 children from age 3 to 5 years old from nearby villages
  • teachers of Mya Thien Tan Preschool


  • families of the children
  • the teachers