Kim Long Clinic

Bergstroms and nuns at Kim Long Clinic.


Hue, Viet Nam


Kim Long Charity Clinic was founded by the Sisters of the Daughters of the Mary Immaculate in Hue over 20 years ago. Currently, the clinic operates three days a week servicing an average of 110 patients a day.


Kim Long Clinic fulfills a vital mission in its community. But after a need was identified by clinic staff, GCSF considered how to best improve both its function and facility for its patients. Ultimately, our team decided to support its mission by helping fund the installation of an improved x-ray system and by building a roof over the clinic yard where patients wait during appointments.

The x-ray machine has been invaluable to clinic and they have been fastidious about the up-keep of their new equipment.


GCSF funded the successful installation of a new x-ray as well as constructing a safe, lead-lined room. The roof over the yard has greatly increased space for patients waiting on appointments and loved ones.



  • about 2,400 poor people in Hue area annually.


  • families of the patients, clinic staff and members of the communities.