Kan Hla Village School and Library

Students with books.


Kan Hla Village, Ywar Thar Tract, Inle Lake, Myanmar


Kan Hla Village is an on-land village that belongs to Ywar Thar Tract at Inle Lake, a 15 minute drive from Naung Shwe. The village has 127 households with an estimated thirty to forty preschool-aged children. Most villagers are rice farmers, carpenters or motor boat drivers. The village had a primary school but no preschool in the village or in a nearby village so children had to stay home with their parents until approximately age six.

Building and furnishing a preschool in Kan Hla allows access to education for children between ages three and six from Kan Hla and six nearby villages. The preschool building is located near the primary school so that the preschool has access to water from the primary school. The school also gives employment to preschool teachers in the village who have graduated but have no employment.


GCSF funded the construction and furnishing of a preschool in Kan Hla working with the Kan Hla Village School Committee, which opened in June 2015 for the school year. The two room preschool building replicates the structure of the existing preschool in Naug Taw Lai Chai and has a bathroom with two toilets and a small stocked library.

The school committee committed to the project and contributed land filling charges and casual labor estimated at $1,550. The Kan Hla Village School Committee is responsible for all maintenance of the building post-construction.


  • Opening of the preschool in June 2015 at the start of the school year.



  • 30 to 40 preschool children and their families allowing both parents to work as appropriate.
  • Provides additional employment for preschool teachers.
  • Provides library resources for children of the village.