Healthy Mothers Healthy Babies

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Inle Lake & Ayetharyr Nyaungshwe Township, Southern State, Myanmar


Malnutrition, personal hygiene and lack of health awareness have been the most common issues among pregnant women in the Inle Lake area and the Ayetharyr Nyaungshwe Township. To supplement services of the Prosperity Clinic in Ayetharyar for those in need, Global Community Service Foundation initiated a pilot program focused on greater health awareness and access especially for low-income families.

The Healthy Mothers Healthy Babies Program Ayetheryar (HMHB Ayetharyar) was launched in November 2009 at the Prosperity Clinic, dedicating every Saturday for the effort.

Realizing that many of the women on the lake had no access to the medical serves, the Healthy Mothers Healthy Babies/Women Outreach Program at the Inle (WOP Inle) was launched in January 2010 in collaboration with the Metta Clinic (now Sitagu General Hospital). GSCF funded retired midwives and started working with pregnant women from Ywama village and five nearby village tracts totaling around 25,000 people.


Working alongside several partners in the region, GCSF launched efforts to reduce the maternal and infant mortality rate throughout the Inle lake Region. At the Ayetharyar Prosperity Clinic, GCSF is helping two chief nurses train ten assistant nurses to provide a Saturday Healthy Mothers Healthy Babies Clinic. In addition to supporting staff, GCSF provides medicines for general health services as well as medicine and nutritional supplements to over 300 pregnant mothers and infants.

Meanwhile, at the Inle Sitagu General Hospital (formerly the Metta Clinic), GCSF supports three midwives and one boat driver to provide pre and post natal care for 50 villages on Inle Lake only accessible by boat. This incredible team provides pre and post natal care for mothers and children, nutritional supplements, vitamins, and referrals when needed.

The Health Mothers Healthy Babies Program is made possible through the tireless work of retired nurses and midwives throughout the region that have been trained by the Ministry of Health protocols. HMHB will continue to expand to include training in such practices as safe birthing, breastfeeding, basic health and hygiene, early identification of retinoblastoma, postpartum hemorrhage and postpartum depression and treatment of sexually transmitted infections, including HIV.


Since November 2009, HMHB Ayetharya and WOP including retired nurses, midwives and doctors, supporting government nurses and midwives, have provided pre- and postnatal care to over 10,000 patients.



  • pregnant women, mothers, infants and children from 50 villages in Inle Lake and the Prosperity Clinic at Ayetharyar Township, and their families
  • three midwives assisting the Women Outreach Program and twelve midwives and nurses from the Prosperity Clinic
  • fifteen other auxiliary midwives and nurse aides on Inle Lake


  • families of the women, infants and children
  • members of the communities
  • families of the midwives and nurses
  • families of the patients at Prosperity Clinic

Quote symbol.Because of this Program, we have so many benefits as the midwives regularly visit us at our home and village. Not only for myself but also for all pregnant women, we all are delighted and honored to get this kind of care. As a result, my daughter is very healthy and for even minor sickness, we get medicine from the midwives. I hope this program to run for the long term as many people gain benefits from this program.
Ma Sandar Hnaung, a tailor, has 3 years old daughter and lives in Nampan Yae Lae Village.

Quote symbol.9 years after my first baby born, I got pregnant again. I got care and treatment from the midwives such as vitamins and prenatal medicine. Baby’s position was not normal and the midwives told me to deliver at hospital. But I refused as I didn’t have enough money for that. The midwives kept on encouraging me to deliver at hospital and finally they got financial help for me to be able to deliver at hospital. Thanks to the donor and midwives, I finally deliver at hospital and my son and myself are healthy today.
Ma Khin Hnaung May, a house wife, has two children ( 10 years girl and 8 months boy ). She lives in Maing Pyoe Village and she got the financial support from GCSF to deliver her second baby at hospital.

Quote symbol.Right after my delivery of twins, WOP Program started in our village. I didn’t have enough breast milk and the midwives provided 4 Dumex Powder Bags every month. It was a very good support for us. The midwives paid regular visit every month and gave us nutrition and vitamins. My daughters are very healthy and even if they’re sick, the midwives give medicine. We’re in a very good hand, thanks to the midwives and the donors.
Ma Su Hlaing Hnin has two daughters (twins) and lives in Naung Taw Lae Chay Village. Her two daughters are 2 and half years old and got nutrition support from our midwives.