Eye Care Medical Missions

Woman gives thumbs up following eye surgery.

I had an exceptional experience with our surgical mission to Myanmar. The GCSF team and the wonderful assistants and facilitators there were so marvelously considerate and helpful. I would highly recommend this opportunity to any ophthalmic surgeon interested in giving back in a country that has so much need. ~ Dr. Ken Turley


Sitagu Eye Hospitals
Dawei, Hsipaw, Sagaing, Inle in Myanmar


In cooperation with the Sitagu Association and Hspaw, GCSF has implemented to date five eye care missions in Sagaing, Dawei, Hsipaw, and Inle in Myanmar. The Sitagu Association oversees over 20 hospitals, 15 of which are dedicated to sight. Their partnership has been instrumental in providing permits, access and support to GCSF efforts throughout the area.


Volunteers and trained medical staff travel to identified eye hospitals to provide cataract surgery and post-operative care to patients from the area. With our eye care professional partners, GCSF selects and screens the doctors, provides the logistics, and contributes in kind medical supplies/equipment when available. The Sitagu Association provides the hospitals for surgeries and supports all paperwork such as permits, working visa invitations, permits to import the medical supplies, provides equipment for the missions and ground medical volunteers. The Sitagu medical team selects the patients for surgery and is responsible for patients’ pre and post-operative screening, checking, and testing.


  • Improved vision for over 1,000 people by providing cataract surgeries for the poor.
  • Provision of international professional experience to the local Burmese ophthalmologists and medical technicians through working together.



  • Benefited over 1,000 people in Myanmar with improved vision.


  • Benefits families of these people, local doctors and medical technicians.

I have appreciated the organization that the GCSF team brings to these missions so they flow smoothly. ~ Dr. Vern Parmley

Thank you to Combat Blindness International for their support of GCSF’s eye mission to Myanmar in 2015. They continued to support these missions by helping purchase a training microscope.Combat Blindness International logo.