Ban Pyin School

Students reading in the library.


Inle, Myanmar


Ban Pyin Village is an on-land village in Inle of 49 households made up of 128 men and 116 women. There were 28 children attending primary school and 14 children attending preschool in the old facility. The village urgently needed a new school due to serious damaged to the old building by termites and the weather. The old school had an inadequate old toilet of bamboo wall cover and thatch roof. After four years, the village had raised money that when combined with the help from GCSF and University of Virginia, could help build a new school with a solid foundation and proper roof.


This project fulfills the GCSF mission of increasing access to education by providing a community with a school building they would not have otherwise had. This new school building had seven rooms, six for classes and one teachers office. In addition to educating the children of Ban Pyin, the school can accommodate up to 20 children from neighboring villages.

At GCSF, we focus on health as well as education. That’s why the building has a functioning toilet and our partners at University of Virginia School of Nursing have sent nurses and medical professionals to the school to provide medical assistance and trainings.

The community not only identified a need for this school, but has taken ownership for the project and have a method for raising money to contribute to its future maintenance.

Quote symbol.The old primary school condition was very bad without proper roof and wall. But now we have a new school with UVA and GCSF’s help. I’m very happy to send my daughter to this new school and she is also enjoying to attend this school. Now we don’t need to worry of our children even though it is rainy or windy. Thanks to the donors. Wish our donors to be healthier and wealthier and to be able to donate more wherever the needs are.

Ma Thida Win

Quote symbol.In the old school or new school, I’m happy to attend the school. But I love new school as we get chance to read and study in the library. I read more than 10 books already and I prefer Myanmar Books.

Ma Htet Yamone Lwin

Quote symbol.We’ve been trying so hard to complete our primary school but it took years of time as we all are mostly daily labours. At that time we got help from UVA through GCSF to finish the school. All our villagers are so happy thinking that our children will have a proper place to study. Our children are also happy not only they get a good school but also they get a library.

We just don’t stop trying although we already got the school. We’ll take responsibility to maintain to let it run successfully for the long run. We have Education Fund to support the students who cannot afford to continue their education. We want our children to attend the school as long as they want and till it is completed.

U Myo Tint

Quote symbol.I’m happy to attend the school either it is new or old. But I prefer new school as I have chance to sit on the chair and use the table to write which is not available at the old school. I love beautiful pictures hanging on the new school’s wall. I love reading in the library. I read more than 5 books already.

Ma May Myat Noe